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Getting yourself competition ready – tips from Southern Pole Championships judges!

If you’re thinking about competing this year, check out these top tips below from Hub instructors Lucy Cropper and Lekisha Fox! Lucy and Lekisha are also judges at this year’s online Southern Pole Championships, who are offering a range of pole and non-pole categories for competitors...


Conquering your ‘Nemesis’ move!

We’ve all got one, whether you struggle to nail a spready or you can’t quite get that shouldermount or complex inverted combo everyone has a move that is their nemesis. So what can you do to conquer that move? We’ve got some great tips below! If you’re struggling to get a complex move, go...


So, you’ve decided to enter a pole competition – what comes next?

So, you’ve decided to enter a pole competition – what comes next? Are you wondering how to make a jump from training to executing a routine? Feeling nervous about the prospect of performing, even if it’s just to your phone while comps move online? We’ve got five great tips to help you overcome...


Kat Kelly – Heels! Heels! Heels!

"I have had a lot of questions regarding heels from my students, so I have put together some of my thoughts to share with everyone. Pole dance has a lot of different styles and these tips are just my preference and opinions." Kat Kelly Why wear heels? Heels make you stand up taller with your...



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